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Logging and Folk Museum Wolfach

A piece of Wolfach can be found in the Folk Museum in Wolfach Castle. It has been restored and set in the structural condition of 1671 to keep the history of Wolfach authentic and memorable and make it accessible to visitors.

It lovingly documents the history of Wolfach with a focus on "logging", which was the source of wealth of the region for over 600 years. For many years, Kinzig logging at the confluence of the Wolf and Kinzig Rivers was a thriving business for many residents and it was from here that the mighty (constructions) of wood were transported, some even abroad. Logging has required a high logistic effort from time immemorial, so numerous dams and log ports had to be built. When railways became a favourable means of transport, the cut-throat competition resulted in the end of logging in 1896.

In Kinzig valley, in addition to the museum in the castle, the old logging harbour and numerous dams act as reminders of the extinct profession. Thus, today the so-called logging trail invites curious visitors to discover and immerse themselves in the adventurous and exhausting world of professional loggers.


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